Evolutionary Biology and Cytogenetics
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Research Activity
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Research Activity
Cytogenetics. The chromosomal complements of various species of bony fish and squamate reptiles are investigated using both classical (Giemsa staining, AgNOR staining, C-banding) and molecular cytogenetic methods (FISH with ribosomial, telomeric, satellite DNA and chromosome specific probes) with the aim to study the genome evolution in these taxa. Particular attention is devoted to the study of: i) satellite DNA evolution and the role of these genomic elements in chromosomal rearrangements and sex chromosome differentiation; ii) sex chromosome evolution.
Population genetics. Mitochondrial and nuclear Dna markers are used to study the genetic variability of natural populations of fish and reptiles., with special reference to: i) conservation genetics; ii) management of fish exploited by commercial fishing or targeted by recreational fishing; iv) phylogeography.
Reproductive biology. The focus is on the study of the reproductive cycle of bony fish from the Mediterranean Sea and Antarctica.
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Lucertola muraiola Pesce antartico Cromosomi di varie specie di trota Luscengola algerina
Italian wall lizard
(Podarcis muralis)
Antarctic fish
(Histiodraco velifer)
Karyotypes  of different trout species
(Salmo sp.)
Algerian three-toed skink
(Chalcides mertensi)
Tethys Bay e Monte Melbourne (Mare di Ross, Antartide) Cretan Trota mediterranea, Transmed Cruise 2007 Ripopolamento con trote mediterranee prodotte in cattività nel Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini (giugno 2012)
Tethys Bay and the Mount Melbourne (Ross Sea, Antarctica)
Mediterranean trout (Salmo cenerinus)
Stocking of Mediterranean trout in the Monti Sibillini National Park (2012 June)
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