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First Cycle (3 years) Timetable
Courses programs (click ENG on "lingua")
It's not provided a test prior to enrollment Registrar's Office
Second Cycle (2 years)
Marine Biology (LM-6)
Environmental Risk and Civil Protection (LM-75)
International Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea)
Criteria for access to Applied and Molecular Biology (text in italian)
Criteria for access to Marine Biology (text in italian)
Criteria for access to Environmental Sustainability and Civil Protection (text in italian)
Why attend the courses of Sciences?
The Scientific Degrees have always offered a great deal of employment opportunities and knowledge. Particularly the life and environmental sciences are those who have had over the past three decades the greatest growth in terms of discoveries, opportunities, patents, and, especially, in the creation of new jobs. Many recent surveys on employment after the degree (see for example Almalaurea or other reports on a regional basis) show that the job market requests for graduates in the fields of biology and biotechnology are almost doubled in the last three years.
Moreover, the professions in the environmental field represent the future in terms of employment, just think of how the growing importance of issues relating to the protection, conservation and restoration of ecosystems and environment in general will require new professionals in their fields of expertise.
In this context, the Università Politecnica delle Marche and Sciences offer the only existing course in Italy about problems of civil and environmental protection, a course that offers remarkable and interesting prospects for the future employment.
A good education can not work without the quality and the skills of the teaching staff and the facilities made available to the students so, even in this sense, the Università Politecnica delle Marche and Sciences represent a step of excellence at national level as stated by the recognition we received by many visiting scientists and foreign professors who attend our workshops and seminars or lead courses (also in English) to our students.
The Department of Life and Environmental Sciences where the degrees of Science are held, has been classified among the top 10 research facilities nationwide in its sector by the National Agency of Evaluation and Research of the University System and. for over a decade, the Faculty of Science positioned itself between the 1st  and 7th place at national level according to the ranks drawn up by CENSIS.