Information from the Department

Prof. Paolo Mariani
Academic Affairs Office (activities related to teaching and training)
Didactic Unit
Laura Grizi  (email, tel. 071 2204512)
Monica Ferraioli  (email, tel. 071 2204429)
UNIVPM Doctoral Admission and Registrar’s Office 
(administrative and practical forms)
Doctorate and research service 
Piazza Roma 22
60122 Ancona  (email
Luca Micelli  (email, tel. 071 2202217)
Period of Study Abroad
If a student wish to carry out part of his or her research project in a foreign research institution (from a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 18 months), they must submit to the Academic Affairs Office of the Doctoral School of Science the following documents:
(a) a written request to the Director of the Doctoral School of Science indicating the foreign institutions, the period of permanence and the planned activities. Such request must be endorsed by the Tutor.
(b) a signed letter of invitation from the hosting foreign research institution. 
On the basis of these documents the Doctoral School Committee will decide whether or not granting the authorization. 
Final Progress Report
Students ready to complete their PhD must submit (by the deadline that will be communicated with a reasonable advance every year): (i) the summary table of acquired credits (CFU) signed by the Tutor, (ii) the final progress report of activities, and (iii) deliver the final oral presentation to the Board of Tutors of their curriculum. Subsequently, if admitted to the dissertation defense, the candidate must: (iv) deposit their written dissertation, and (v) defend their dissertation in front of the examining external committee.
To this extent he School Council has established the following guidelines:
a. it is strongly recommended that the PhD dissertation is written in English;
b. the material in support of the dissertation (abstract, slides, etc) must be in English;
c. if the examination committee consists only of Italian members the oral presentation of the dissertation may be delivered in Italian;
d. it is strongly recommended that the candidate list at least one publication on the subject of the doctoral project accepted on a ISI journal, before applying for the dissertation defense.