Plants and Algae Physiology

Plants and Algae Physiology
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Research Activity
Resp. Dott.ssa Alessandra Norici Equipment
Research Activity
In the Laboratory of Algal and Plant Physiology, research focus on the following main topics:
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1. CO2 concentrating mechanisms and their regulation.. Since the last twenty years our lab has been working on the physiological responses of algae and plants to changes of atmospheric CO2 availability. This is done with the purpose of elucidating the mechanisms of inorganic C acquisition and of understand the response of primary producers to global climate change
fisiologia delle alghe e delle piante
2. Nitrogen and sulfur metabolism. The N and S assimilation pathways and their regulation are investigated through physiological, biochemical and molecular techniques.
3.Carbon allocation strategies. The strategies that algae adopt to partition C (and other resources) to their structural and functional components are studied through physiological, biochemical and molecular techniques.
4. Elemental stoichiometry. The impact of present and past environmental chemistry on cell elemental stoichiometry is studied using innovative analytical methodologies available in our lab.
5. Functional evolution of phytoplankton. Evolutionary processes leading to functional modification of algal taxa are studied with an experimental approach.
6. Interspecific and intraspecific chemical communication. The chemical cross-talk between algae and between algae ad their predators is studied with a multifaceted approach, going from whole cell experiments to fine analytical chemistry. spettro FTIR
7. Algal symbioses. The mechanisms by which symbioses with algae are established and maintained are investigated from a variety of perspectives.
colture algali in beuta colture algali in beuta
8. Development of new methodologies in FTIR spectroscopy for the analysis of algal biomass and metabolism. FTIR spectroscopy has been used for the first time to try and assess algal biology by Prof. Giordano. During the years, this technique has shown to be a rapid and effective tool to study algal physiology.
9. Biotechnological application of algae. We are developing methodologies and processes for the selection of suitable algal strains, optimization of cultural parameters, monitoring of biochemical composition in wastewater phytoremediation, production of valuable bioactive molecules, flue gas sequestration, renewable energy production.
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Dott.ssa Caterina Gerotto
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Dott.ssa  Alessandra Petrucciani
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Dott. Daniel Pousa Kurpan
PhD student
Growth Chambers (FT 1500 and FT 700, Perani; MLR 350, Sanyo; KBP 6395L, Termaks; KK350FIT, MPim)
Laminar Flow Hood (BIO48, Faster)
Chemical Hood
Cell Counter (Casy TT, Roche Innovatis)
Pressure Bomb (4639 Cell disruptor, Parr Instruments) 
Spectrophotometer (DU 640, Beckman)
Gas Mixers (Bronkhorst Hi-Tech)
Microcentrifuge (Biofuge refrigerated and Biofuge pico, Heraeus; 5410, Eppendorf)
Bench centrifuge (MPW 351e, xxx)
Refrigerated Supercentrifuge (J2-MC, Beckman) 
pH meters (Delta 320 Mettler Toledo; 210 Hanna Instruments; Calimatic Knick 765)
Ovens (Function line, Thermo scientific Heraeus; M1000 FC, MPM instruments)
Infrared Gas Analyser (CO2 and H2O analyzer Li-840A, LiCor Biosciences)
Elemental Analyser CHNS-O: ( ECS 4010 Costech Instruments; EA-1108, Carlo Erba Instruments).
HPLC (YL9100, Younglin) with Uv/Vis, fluorescence, and Refractive Index detectors)
Total reflection X-ray spectrometer (Picofox S2, Bruker)
Gas Chromatograph (GC Focus, Thermo scientific)
Hydrogen Generator (PGH2 100, DBS)
PAM fluorometer (Dual-PAM-100, WALZ) 
O2 Electrode System (Chloroview 2, Hansatech; Dual digital 20, Rank Brothers)
Thermocycler (T3, Biometra)
Horizontal and Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Systems 
Western and Northern Blot Systems 
Technical balances
Analytical Balances (Sartorius XM 1000 P; Explorer, Ohaus)
Water purification system (Aquamax basic 360 and Ultra 370, Younglin)
Centrifugal concentrator (Savant  SPD111V speedvac concentrator, Thermo scientific)
Spectrophotometer TXRF S2 Picofox (Bruker AXS Microanalysis GmbH) Spectrophotometer FTIR Tensor 27 (Bruker Optik GmbH) HPLC YLG100 (Young Lin Instruments)
Spettrometro TXRF S2 Picofox (Bruker AXS Microanalysis GmbH) Spettrometro FTIR Tensor 27 (Bruker Optik GmbH) HPLC YLG100 (Young Lin Instruments)