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Department Board

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The Department of Life and Environmental Sciences is located at "Polo Montedago", Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Via Brecce Bianche - Italia

polo Montedago

The Department Board

The Department Board is the governing body for the planning and managing of the Department. It carries out the deliberative, consultative and planning functions established by the University Statute and all the other tasks established by its resulting regulations.

The Department Board is composed by the Director, professors and researchers of the Department, a representative of the administrative staff and a representatives of the students enrolled in the Bachelor, Master and PhD courses of the Department

The main functions of the Department Board include: 

- promoting, organising and check research activities in the scientific sectors and disciplines under their jurisdiction;

- organising and co-ordinating didactic and cultural activities offered to the students;

- ensuring the coverage of all ongoing courses and supervision the smooth running of all didactic activities;

- co-ordinating the tutoring activities aimed at guiding and helping the students;

- putting forward proposals and expressing mandatory opinions on student fees;

- approving of the triennial reports on the scientific activities and opinion on teaching activities of teachers;

- promoting the internationalization of training and research;

- exercising all its other legal functions