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Vocational Training

Vocational Training
- Training activities may be carried out in public or private organisations or using the scientific facilities of the University and may involve more than one organisation, even abroad. 
- Any practical training carried out outside the Università Politecnica delle Marche must be the subject of a specific agreement. 
- The Department Board appoints a training referee for each course of study, who is responsible for the students during the training and must agree the practical aspects of the training and check that the training is carried out according to the guidelines of the single Didactic Committee.
- During the training activity the referee must coordinate with the local referee who is responsible for the training project within the host organisation.
- The local referee is in charge of the trainee on site, checking attendance and the activity carried out.
- Before starting the training the student will be given a log book in which to periodically write the activity carried out. This book must be countersigned by the local referee and, at the end of the period, by the training referee, as a record of attendance.
The students may also propose training activities, similar to those indicated by the Department, which may be carried out in those organizations they indicate as willing to be involved. In this case a specific agreement must be signed.
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